The Pheonix Project – My Favourite Quotes

Its not rocket science but if everyone in the world read this book we might be in a better place.

People are amazing, but we can only do so much at one time.

Some of my favourite quotes from the book:

 Unplanned work has another side effect. When you spend all your time firefighting, there’s little time or energy left for planning. When all you do is react, there’s not enough time to do the hard mental work of figuring out whether you can accept new work. So, more projects are crammed onto the plate, with fewer cycles available to each one, which means more bad multitasking, more escalations from poor code, which mean more shortcuts.

I dared myself to say this one for a project I was working on last week that we were desperately trying to fix up before a large deployment.   I said it,  the project got delayed.

 It’s not a good sign when they’re still attaching parts to the space shuttle at liftoff time.


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