How to get help regression testing


Testing Parties

Regression testing isn’t everyones favourite task so as testers we have tried to put a bit of fun into it.  Each time we have a theme.   At 10am we play music in the office to announce to everyone that it is testing time.   (Star wars -Imperial March being my current favourite).

Everyone gathers for testing kickoff, where we explain the teams and what each of them will test, and more importantly why they are testing.

Its a good way to get new starters involved, as it shares our testing mindset with them and they get a chance to learn our product.

During this time testers are on hand to support testing, not test everything.  We sit with developers, UI, UX etc to aid their testing and help them learn the product.

Testing Themes

When choosing a theme the song is really important.  This is played into the office to signal that it is testing time and to encourage people to leave their desks to join us for testing kickoff.  Past themes have been:

  • Star wars
  • Jurassic Park (to celebrate the film release)
  • Fraggle Rock
  • Looney Tunes
  • Puppies
  • Lego with ‘Everything is Awesome’  as the theme (this was very very successful)
  • Metallica
  • Wallace and Gromit
  • Game of Thrones (to celebrate the end of the series)
  • 80s cartoons (could go on for 100s of releases with that!)

How often do we run these?

We currently release the site every 2 weeks, although its becoming more regular which is great!

We are not at the stage where we have fully automated regression but how things are changing with automation is probably for another blog.


One thought on “How to get help regression testing”

  1. We have had these for years at our company. Our support team had done the testing before a release. Unfortunately, there was no buy in from their management, so they were never given the time to actually participate, so we stopped having them. After about a year of not having them, the support teams that used to do them proposed starting them up again. We wound up handing the whole event to their team and they run in it on their own quite successfully.

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