Taking Severity Seriously – My thoughts on a blog from Michael Bolton

I read Michael Boltons blog about severity on bugs and it reminded me of a conversation I had with a couple of scrum masters recently, who were keen to start using severity on bug reports.

I have always questioned the use of severity and if it really is of any use mainly mainly because:

  • Its very subjective
  • There would be a tendency to never fix anything that is medium or low, as the term ‘low’ sounds unimportant.  Why do unimportant work?
  • Everything would be raised as high, as we all think our idea, or bug is the most important

Here is a Michael Boltons post about the way a lot of companies categorise the severity of bugs, and how this really impacts users, the company and the people in that company.

Taking Severity Seriously « Developsense Blog

Its pretty blunt, and goes to extreme cases, but has a good point

Severity is different for all sorts of people. The impact a bug can have could be seen as not important, “Oh its just a design bug in IE, who uses IE anymore anyway?” .  But if it makes us look silly it can reflect on the companies reputation and the way other departments view the development team.