Its all in the title

I gave a presentation about the importance of titles the other week   This is for bugs, stories, tasks of work and can be used outside of software development.

Why is the title important

Many people only read the title, so it is important that this is clear and concise to give a good impression of what its about, as we all interpret things differently.

We arrive at some understanding of where the other person is coming from which can lead to misunderstanding and assumptions.

A good clear title will make it easier for:

  • Scrum teams to prioritise work as they will not need to read the full description each time
  • QA to communicate changes and risks for releases
  • Bugs to be understood when raised to the technical fulfillment team

Communicating changes

I look at the titles when communicating site changes to the rest of the business.  This information is also used to determine what the risks of these changes are and that we know we are testing the right stuff.

It is often difficult to make sense of the change from the one line title, so we want to try and make our work item titles more meaningful.

 Tips on creating good titles

  1. Think about your audience
  2. Use the product and area of the site

WordPress – Add post

  1. Add a clear and concise description of the problem or change.

               Word press – Add post – Can’t type in any text into title field

  1. If its difficult write the bug description first then come back to the title
  2. Avoid generic problems in the title. For example,
      • XYX is not working properly
      • Issue with XYZ
      • XYZ is corrupted/does not look right

Instead of: Sorting is not working properly.

Try: Sorting is happening in reverse order.

Instead of: Issues with GUI on navigation bar.

Try: Navigation bar is wrapping to a second line.

Ask your self these questions when you raise tickets:

                          How is it broken?

                           What is beta?   What is the real?

           What copy? Where is  page?

          Which ones?   Where is this?  Why?

               What is the issue?  When does it happen?