London Tester Gathering – 18th June 2014

Last night I took the opportunity to have a night off.  This is very very rare for me.

 It was the monthly London Tester Gathering at the Shooting Star in Liverpool Street.    This is a meeting for anyone that loves testing.  Its a chance to meet other people and talk about how we do things and listen to a few presentations. Plus there is a free bar, this time sponsored by soasta.  However no cats were in attendance.


After some chit chat where I talked to a few different people about their approach to automation it was time for the talks.

 Recruiting testers

First up was Loan Todoran talking about how he recruitment 10 testers in 10 months.   He spend the first 5 mins telling everyone how to and how to not pronounce his name.   For anyone that every meets this guy its Yoan, not Yawn or Loan how it is spelt.

He spoke about how he searched for junior testers at graduate fairs his interview techniques, however the testing community questioned his approach and how he could support development of junior testers when recruiting so fast.

testing cats

Performance Metrics

Speed is important.  If this cheetah was slow it would never be able to catch its dinner.

2nd talk was from the sponsor Soasta, so was a bit of a sales pitch.  They explained how bad performing sites could cost the business money.    Users who experience bad load times are less likely to engage and become a registration or an application.

I thought about how many sites I have visited and just given up because its slow, and there’s a lot.   Perhaps its because I don’t have broadband and only use 3g/4g for all my internet needs at home.

However measuring metrics against performance can be subjective due to so many variations in the way people view websites and apps, plus expectations change.   It has been proved that Australians will allow for longer load times than the UK as their broadband isn’t quite as fast as here.   I wonder what New Zealand is?

 Soastas tool to achieve this is mPulse provides real-time, actionable intelligence | SOASTA  (However there are more and New Relic should give us some information)

In their case study they showed that as load time increased transactions on the site decreased and therefore users were less likely to engage.

They then used this to calculate how many lost sales this could potentially cause.

 We would need to look at current load times, where we want to be and how we do it.

 It is difficult to prove up front that increasing performance would result in however many more registrations.

It’s all about risk in the end.

Bad load time also affects Google Rankings so its pretty important, but here is some more information for those interested.

Poor Website Loading Times Irritate People, Matter to Search Engines, Plus Can Cost you Money – YouMoz – Moz



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