Regression Testing With Trello

We are in the process of creating automated regressions tests, so at the moment we test everything manually.

This means we need to have a pretty good check over the whole website every time we release so need a good set of regression tests.

Running regression tests can sometimes be a little boring.  When I started my new job (although that was a while ago now) we had some very ugly excel test scripts for this purpose and when I asked people to run them the look on their faces was not good, so I set to work to change that.  I could have used some test management software, but after testing a few they were not really quite what I was looking for.   They overcomplicated what I wanted to make a simple process.

I need to know what we need to test and the state of each one in real time, so I can monitor anything we need to sort out as we are testing.

So I used Trello cards for my tests.

Each card has a browser which I allocate using a label.  We have focused testing 90 minute sessions to run through each testing board (as I have a few for different products).

Testers can drag the cards and assign themselves to it (although I don’t force them too) and once they have finished the test they can pass or fail it.

If cards fail they get a comment with the bug detail.    We do use a separate bug board but Ill cover that another time.


**Eventually what we can of these will be automated.

Each Trello card has a summary of what we need to test or as some might call them a testing charter.  Plus any browsers that need to be tested and a link to any acceptance test if there is one.   It’s not scripted, but should give whoever is testing enough information to go off and explore that are of the site.   For some cards we have acceptance tests so these are linked to which should also help people test.

When we test everyone gets involved: QA, Developers, Database Developers, BAs, Product Owners and other business people.

People seem to like running tests in Trello, but I think it would get a lot more complicated if we broke down our tests so they were very detailed.   The testing is quite high level but it does let us know that the basics of our site are working.

My Trello regression testing process is still being worked on, so I will probably update my blog as I make changes.

There are a few other things I use Trello too which I will share….  And there’s always talk of the testing cats!!


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